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Christine Norman

Unsportsmanlike conduct?

I get it, there are rules. But do we really want to say don’t celebrate the time of your life? Don’t have fun? Who’s really mad? You did the work, you overcame the obstacles, and now your preparation has met divine opportunity and you just want to dance, or dab a little, or even a lot! You are not the least bit worried about all of the negative forces that were against you, they thought you would never make it but you are too busy celebrating your successes to think of them--"God bless them, now back to my dance!"

The older folks in the church would say ain’t nobody mad but the devil. Who looks at a celebration--a harmless, joy-filled celebration, and decides rules and calm are needed? Showboating is likely a term made up by someone bitter on the sidelines who didn’t want to see someone live in their moment. Some argue that excessive celebration is taking the Glory from God, but could it not be saying God I am so pleased with how you have blessed me that it shows. When David celebrated in the Bible, he danced so hard that he came out of his clothes. When his haters started doing what they do best, his reply was, "I will be even more undignified than this." In other words, you ain't seen nothing yet!

We need to truly learn to live and let live!!!!

Dab on ‘em Cam! I love it! I encourage everyone with a dream to work hard and celebrate hard too!

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