LYFE 365

It's In There
Christine Norman

Everything you will ever need to do the things that you were born to do is already within you. Those around us only point us to what God has already place there. It is very important not to put too much emphasis on the place others hold. God would never leave your success or failure in the hands of another. This is not to diminish the important of community, as we were made to live in continual fellowship with others. However, your dream is a very sacred place where very few can go. A person capable of looking into your soul without bias, animosity, envy, or selfishness and instructing you on what is best is a very rare and special find! This takes a very WHOLE person. So many are just too broken for the task. Your dream is a place where at times you must go alone. Your dream is a place that you must be completely assured of by only you and God. If you make the mistake of needing too much from others, you also run the risk of making people responsible for YOUR outcome.

Understand also that others have dreams deep within them too.  Those who have overcome themselves to see their dreams manifest can be tremendous forces in the earth.  There are those who love nothing more than seeing others do the same.  They have uncovered the secret and they want to share.  Sadly, this group is also clouded by those who are experiencing their dreams but they fear that building others diminishes their light. They help with hidden agendas. They help if you kiss up to them and give them credit. This is not the kind of help you want or need.  Still another group are those who fear that they will never do anything with their dreams, so they often antagonize others. They don’t come out and say that is their goal, but they always find ways to discourage, belittle, or play “devils advocate.”

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you will never need anyone out of arrogance, but rather trust that God will place the people you need in your journey. Vet these people thoroughly and make sure that they are truly for you. Don’t hate those who treat you poorly, it is more a statement of how they feel about themselves than it will EVER be about you. Those who have deep pain within make everything about themselves. They will often see something negative about themselves when discussing YOUR dream and it will come out in their counsel. Don’t make the mistake of asking someone lost for directions, or someone hungry and in need for food–their lack can often affect the quality of answers that they give. Look to God, look within; and when it lines up with both of those, look to the ones who have paved the way. Never forgetting that what you need most is already in you and whenever you need more God will provide. We lack nothing that He can’t provide.


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