LYFE 365

Open Letter to All Artists
Christine Norman

I know that you have noticed that young and old we have said goodbye to so many that are considered legends or the “greatest” of their time or spaces. Many despair that some are gone too soon lately, but this is not a new phenomenon. Each generation has had to say goodbye to those they admire—some at the end of a well-travelled journey, some in their prime, and some overcome by the demons or vices they could never seem to overcome. However, my plea to you today is instead of missing a day that has already passed, each of you realize the legends are not leaving gaps that can never be closed but rather they are leaving shoes that I am sure they hoped you would fill, and their arms are extended with batons they hoped to pass.

I can’t speak for them but I am sure that those who possess greatness in is purest form would want some young person to do the same. I don’t believe that one becomes legendary by following fads or copying what he or she thinks will bring success. While some may have dreamed of stardom—far too many realized that the quest for stardom can easily taint the creative process. There have been many legends that never sought out to be great, they just wanted to impact the world with their gift. They had a unique message that they wanted to leave behind. They were born to sing or write their own special song or play an amazing melody.

I believe that there are still legends being born every day. I believe that these are the ones who refuse to be put into a mold, a machine, or a formula. These are the ones who will sing their own song even if no one decides to buy it. They write, sing, and play with no audience in mind. They aren’t trying to get ratings or rankings. They simply creating out of the art in their souls, the pain of their experience, the joy they want to see in the world, or the thoughts that they wish to provoke.

My prayer for all legends in the making—both young and old, is that they would be the authentic talent they were created to be. I pray that we would all take a page from their books and show up in our own unique gifts and talents. Let us not just mourn the legends and believing the best is behind us. Take the baton and run with it. Take us places we have never gone before, with the lyrics and melodies that only you were created to bring. Be legendary by being you…


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