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Show Up for Work
Christine Norman

My dreams have been calling me for some time now. Whenever I would watch a show where someone finally made it or won a contest in the area of their dreams, I would get so excited. Their victories told me that it was possible. However, far too often after realizing that I could do the same, I would get stuck in doubt and fear. Doubts that it could be me, or fear that if it could I would somehow miss the opportunity. I wanted my dreams so badly that countless times I would beg the Lord to make it happen. One day after one of my “begging-slash-pity-party” sessions that I would describe as prayer, God clearly spoke to my spirit that I needed to give Him something to bless. It was so clear that it dried up my tears immediately. I realized that I had been wishing and praying, begging and bargaining, but I had not been working. Sure I had completed a few things here and there, and I had read tons of books and articles in preparation, but I failed to do the work consistently and repeatedly with my end goal in mind. It became apparent to me that I was not waiting on God, but God was waiting for me to give Him something to bless.

As I listened to Steve Harvey’s book on yesterday and heard the words “give God something to bless,” I was blown away completely. Though God has been confirming so much in my life lately, I never get used to the fact that knowing everything He knows about me, He still chooses to speak to me so clearly. I also marvel at the fact that in the midst of all of my doubts, failures, and fear, He still cheers me on to my desired end–we could definitely learn from that. And just because God loves to exceed my expectations of Him, as I posted some inspiration for others this morning I saw the picture above on TD Jakes FB page...  Yet another confirmation!!!!

So here I am this morning, showing up for work. Writing and sharing because that is what I love to do. Perfecting my craft through practice because practice makes perfect. The experts say that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve success in a given field. If you go at it full-time that is roughly five years, so part-time could lengthen the timetable to ten years. The good news is that God holds time, and He can indeed do the miraculous. However, though it may not take 10,000 hours, I do think He wants us to put in the effort, learn to be diligent, and to give Him something He can bless by showing up for work.

So why are you waiting? Stop hoping, wishing, dreaming, planning, doubting, hating, crying, and sabotaging and show up for work! The world is waiting for what you have to offer!

Thanks for sharing with me as I showed up for work today. 1 hour down…9,999 more to go!

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